Engage NY Math Practice Pages: Module 6

Hey there!

I have finally finished all of the Engage NY Math practice pages! Woohoo! That was a year endeavor! My latest bundle is the complete set of Module 6 practice pages.

When I was teaching the modules in my classroom, I felt like the lessons were great, but the practice pages were not engaging for the students. I really wanted to create some sheets that would help reinforce what was taught each week, but in a fun way! That is where this whole journey began. One year later, I have finally completed practice sheets for each set of lessons! I have also included a quick check assessment for every group of 5 lessons. This was a great way to make sure all my students were learning what they should each week, without doing a huge assessment. The assessments usually only took about 5-10 minutes of time. Quick and easy! I would do the assessments whole group or in small groups depending on the difficulty of the tasks or where the students were at academically. 

Now that these are all done, I can move on to a new adventure! Let's see where this school year takes me! : )

Happy Monday,