First Grade Engage NY Math: Module 1- Lessons 1-5

Check out the preview of my Module 1: Lessons 1-5 practice pages for First Grade Engage NY Math!

These activities align to EXACTLY what is being taught in the first 5 lessons for Engage NY and can be used as extra practice, for small groups, homework or assessments!

Here, I have some pictures of what is in the pack and why they are included/ relate to the standards. I have used these worksheets in my classroom for so many different things. However, I usually have them in my math tubs and homework!

In these two worksheets that are in the pack, students will cut out the numbers on the side and paste them into the correct box. In the first worksheet, 5 and some more, students are practice number bonds within 10. In Engage NY, the first lessons have a big emphasis on using 5, or one hand, and then adding on. This worksheet reinforces those skills! The second worksheet is Just One More, and it is exactly that. The students are given a number and need to add one more to the number. I used the same format as Engage NY, with the words written out and the number they are looking for in different positions. For example, one more than 1 is 2 and also the reverse of that, 8 is one more than 7.

Number Mash Up is one of my students favorites! They even time themselves to see how quickly they can find the answers. It really reinforces addition with number 6, 7 and 8. It also helps students start to see the correlations between numbers so that they can will know the answer automatically. I Spy with my Little Eye is perfect for find groups quickly (subsidizing) and then use a number bond to find the answer. For my lower students, I have a huge focus on circling the groups of numbers, choosing the bigger number and then counting on. My on level and higher students can usually add them together quickly by themselves or already can do the counting on method pretty quickly.

Domino Effect also works on subsidizing numbers and the idea of adding on to 5.  In the beginning of the year, many students are counting on- which is a great strategy. I always am sure to reiterate that we start with the bigger number first. Roll, Bond, Draw works on subsidizing numbers on a dice (some kids still need to count each number on the dice to know what it is! Lots of practice with dice will solve this quickly!) and adding one quickly to any number (although this worksheet will only go up to 6, unless you want to provide a challenge for students and use two dice!).

Circle and Count is a fun way to look at grouping numbers with 5 on top and 5 on the bottom (like a tens chart). It helps students understand that you do not need an actual tens chart to group objects or numbers in this way. Kids are so used to seeing those lines and can fill them in, but have trouble with the grid is gone. This establishes the idea that it helps us to organize our objects when we group them! 5 in a Row +1 is so much for for students when they are done with their math tubs. I usually put it as the "extra" for kids who finish early because it can be played over and over again. Students will roll a dice (subsidizing again!) and add one to that number. They will color in that box to try and create a BINGO. I always have students write the equation in the box so that I know they are adding correctly!

Let's make 6 is so much fun for students! There are many versions of this but I love using the red and yellow counters in a cup (6 for let's make 6). Students then dump out the cup and see how many yellow and how many red they have. They continue doing this until they have all the different ways to make 6. You can also do this worksheets as a challenge without the counters. See if the students can start with 6+0 and work their way down to find all the different ways to make 6. The Assessment is also in this picture! For every set of 6 lessons in my Engage NY packs, I have an assessment that reviews what was taught in the lessons. These are quick checks for the week to ensure that kids are on track and a great way to consistently and quickly check where students are. I use these are a way to place my students in small groups for the following week!

You can get the COMPLETE MODULE 1 BUNDLE for a discounted rate! 180 pages- all aligned to Engage NY and the standards! You will have all your math tubs set, homework, small groups set! : )

Happy Labor Day!

It's FALL Y'all + a FREEBIE!

I have completely revamped my season packs and I am really excited about it!

This fall pack is the perfect way to teach science standards in the kinder and first grade classroom!

Concept 3: Changes in the Earth and Sky
Understand characteristics of weather conditions and climate.
PO 1. Identify the following characteristics of seasonal weather patterns: 
type of precipitation 
PO 2. Analyze how the weather affects daily activities.

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Happy (almost) Fall! : )